Our Story

Our Story

Carlingford Park is set on 118 acres at Glendonbrook, 18 kilometres north east of Singleton in the picturesque Hunter Valley, New South Wales. We speciailise in exhibiting and breeding exquisite Australian Riding Ponies and Boston Terriers.

Having been involved in competitive equestrian sports since the mid 1970’s after a short hiatus from the sport our interest in showing was rekindled in the early nineties exhibiting Clydesdales, both in-hand and in harness. The overwhelming desire to again compete in the hack arena, combined with a love and admiration of Riding Ponies soon led to us exhibiting, and later breeding, this most elegant of equines.

Concurrently, we were also competing in the canine world in both the Conformation and Obedience rings with our Dobermans. We later bred the occasional litter to produce our next puppy to campaign which saw the inception of our ‘Imxquisit’ prefix.

After owning my first Boston as an impressionable 18 year old (almost 40 years ago) it was to be many years before the time was again right to revisit my love for the American gentleman. After a number of years of research our affiliation with Zareba Boston Terriers was born. Since 2014 our daughter Mikhaila and I have shown as part of Team Zareba and we are extremely grateful for the guidance and encouragement received along the way from Deby & Amy. In 2022 we decided we would once again operate under our original prefix ‘Imxquisit’ whilst continuing our liaison with Team Zareba. Whilst breeding our Boston's on a very small scale with the intention to retain our next show puppy, our priority is to breed healthy, happy, home raised puppies with improvement of the breed our main objective.

Our motto ‘Striving for Excellence’ symbolises our desire for continual improvement as we strive to breed exceptional examples of the Australian Riding Pony and Boston Terrier. Our focus on conformation, health, temperament and movement coupled with ambition and determination drives our passion.

We welcome enquiries on our Riding Ponies or Boston Terriers, visitors always welcome by appointment.