Foals and Puppies

We welcome new members to our Imxquist family as we farewell our puppies

Sunday, 30 July 2023

This weekend we welcomed lovely new families into the ImXquisit clan as our puppies headed off to their new homes. All have settled in beautifully so it appears from the many heart warming photos we've received since they departed. We look forward to watching Henry, Ripley and Mika grow and revel in their new homes and whilst it is always bitter sweet waving off our adored puppies the smiles they brought to the faces of the young and young at heart makes it all so worthwhile. It's not good-bye our little ones, it's simply see you soon.


Henry Alexander with his new human family and older sister 'Jossie'
A very patient Joceyln who waited over a year for her new family member Mika. It is very satisfying knowing Mika has filled a broken heart and brought a smile to a beautiful lady's face.
Sindy & Steve headed off with Ripley to meet her older brother 'Downtown'.